Is context Important?


A friend accidentally saw the last sentece of my inbox email from a girl, “I love you. I can’t wait to see you on our great day in August.” He suddenly concluded something, and once he met my other friend, the closest one, he asked whether I would be marrying soon. He said no, and the email must be from my little sister as we planned to graduate on the same day. A question rises here; why could this happen? There is a simple answer; a text (or conversiation in this case) has context, and the awareness on it affects the quality of understanding. I would say the same case happens with any text, including the Qur’an. Lanjutkan membaca “Is context Important?”


Wahyu dan Hermeneutika: Telaah Kritis atas Teori Diferensiasi Aksin Wijaya

Diterbitkan di Jurnal an-Nur Vol IV No. 1, Februari 2012 Aksin Wijaya introduces and redefines three termes which are generally regarded identical, wahyu (revelation), Alquran, and Mushaf Usmani. In such work, he uses structural linguistic approach. However, he has some misunderstandings in applying this method. In addition to that differentiation theory which he aims to propose hermeneutical approach to the Qur’an is by no sense … Lanjutkan membaca Wahyu dan Hermeneutika: Telaah Kritis atas Teori Diferensiasi Aksin Wijaya

Diferensiasi Wahyu, Alquran, dan Mushaf Utsmani

Judul Buku     : (1) Menggugat Otentisitas Wahyu Tuhan, dan (2) Arah Baru Studi Ulum al-Qur’an Penulis             : Dr. Aksin Wijaya, SH., M.Ag Penerbit           : (1) Yogyakarta: Safiria Insania Press ; (2) Yogyakarta: Pustaka Pelajar Cetakan          : (1) Cetakan I, 2004; (2) Cetakan 1, 2009 Pembaca akan terkaget-kaget membaca judul yang pertama, terutama yang memiliki sensifitas tinggi terhadap keagungan dan kesucian Alquran. Dengan tegas otentisitas wahyu … Lanjutkan membaca Diferensiasi Wahyu, Alquran, dan Mushaf Utsmani